AddEmail ActiveX 4.0 has been released

You can download demo version of AddEmail from To upgrade your purchased version of AddEmail, please send your serial number to

AddEmail ActiveX 4.0 release adds full 64-bit support for all versions of Windows. Version 4.0 is fully compatible with previous version 3.0. All applications developed with version 3.0 will work with AddEmail ActiveX 4.0 without any modifications.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 compatibility

AddEmail ActiveX 4.0 is fully compatible with all editions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions. Version 4.0 includes 2 version of AddEmail ActiveX DLL:

  • AddEmail.dll – 32-bit COM DLL for 32-bit applications or .NET “Any CPU” applications running on 32-bit OS
  • AddEmail64.dll – 64-bit COM DLL for 64-bit applications or .NET “Any CPU” applications running on 64-bit OS

Visual Studio 2017, 2015, 2013 and 2012 support

We added support for all latest versions of Visual Studio. AddEmail ActiveX is now compatible with all Visual Studio versions, from the latest Visual Studio 2017 to the 15-year old Visual Studio .NET 2002. All C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET samples have been updated to .NET 4 and ASP.NET 4. Samples for older versions of .NET framework can be installed separately if needed.

Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 support

Version 4.0 supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010. We added new samples showing how to send emails from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. The same VBA code can be used in other Office applications as well.

PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0 has been released

New version of PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0 has been released. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the ribbon menu. For more detailed update instructions please refer to How to update PhoneTray to the latest version article in our new web-based support system.

Here is what’s new in PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0:

  • Solved a problem with Windows update deleting PhoneTray data. PhoneTray will automatically restore the data after Windows update.
  • PhoneTray now supports call-to-click. You can click on a phone number link on any website and PhoneTray will dial that number for you.
  • Added several new skins including High Contrast, Windows 10 style Metropolis, Springtime and Valentine theme skins. To change the skin in PhoneTray, click the Skins button in the upper left corner next to the PhoneTray logo. Please refer to How to change PhoneTray skin article for more detailed information.
  • More reliable automatic blocking of telemarketers in PhoneTray online database.
  • Added Display As field for blacklisted and whitelisted numbers. The name you enter into the Display As field is used as the caller’s name for all calls from that numbers:
    Display As field on the Edit Black List Entry form
  • Your notes for a blacklisted or whitelisted number are now automatically copied to the call’s notes on the Calls screen.
  • New version shows blacklisted numbers in red and whitelisted numbers in green on the Calls screen:
    Blacklisted and whitelisted numbers on the Calls screen
  • You can now edit settings for a whitelisted or blacklisted number directly from the Calls screen. No more looking for that number on your white or black list:
    Edit blacklisted number on the Calls screen
  • New version prevents you from accidentally deleting a column when re-arranging columns on the Calls, Contacts, Black List and White List screens.
  • Added support for importing iPhone contacts.
  • Added support for dial prefixes (e.g. *67) in phone numbers.
  • New version turns on the display when showing a full screen alert on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a problem with truncated zap messages on some modems.
  • Fixed a problem with excessive flashing when PhoneTray window is resized.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

AddTapi.NET 5.2 has been released

We just released version 5.2 of our computer telephony library AddTapi.NET. The demo version is available for download from To upgrade the purchased version of AddTapi.NET please send your serial number to Here is a list of new features in AddTapi.NET 5.2:

Call data support

The call data field is used to provide additional information related to a call in TAPI. Some systems, for example Avaya Voicemail Pro, use this field to pass additional information to TAPI applications monitoring the calls. New TapiCall.CallData property gives the application access to the call data. The CallData flag has been added to the TapiCallInfoState enumeration. AddTapi.NET fires the TapiApp.CallInfo event with this flag set when the call data becomes available or changes.

Special Information Tone (SIT) detection

Special information tones such as Reorder, Intercept or No Circuit indicate that an outgoing call has failed. AddTapi.NET 5.2 can detect and report special information tones to the application when running on telephony hardware with SIT detection capabilities such as Way2Call Hi-Phone. When a SIT is detected the call transitions to the SpecialInfo state and then disconnects. AddTapi sets the TapiCall.DisconnectMode property based on the type of SIT that was detected.

Call duration

New version adds TapiCall.CallDuration property that contains duration of the call. Call duration is calculated from the moment the call transitions to the Connected state.

Improved call state processing

In previous versions of AddTapi.NET the application could miss a call state transition if TapiApp.CallState events were firing quickly one after another. Version 5.2 processes call state messages from TAPI more efficiently and ensures that the TapiCall.State reported to the application in the TapiApp.CallState event handler matches call state in the corresponding TAPI message.

Other small fixes and improvements

– Added TapiAddress.AddressFeatures property that describes the operations that can be invoked on the address.

– Added CallID and RelatedCallID flags to the TapiCallInfoState enumeration. These flags indicate that the TapiCall.CallID or TapiCall.RelatedCallID property has changed in the TapiApp.CallInfo event.

– Fixed: Some incoming calls where reported as outgoing on HiPath TAPI 170.

– Fixed: Non-directed TapiCall.Park(String) could time out on some systems.

PhoneTray Pro is fully compatible with Windows 10

As you know Windows 10 has been released and Windows 8 and Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. PhoneTray Pro is fully compatible with Windows 10 and works without any problems on Windows 10. All USB modems that we sell and recommend are also compatible. Windows 10 has built-in drivers for all those modems. It will detect the modem and install the drivers automatically.

On some computers Windows 10 update renames PhoneTray data files. If you don’t see your contacts, calls or blocked numbers after the update, please do the following: open PhoneTray Pro, click PhoneTray logo and select Shutdown PhoneTray. Click Yes if Windows asks if you want to allow PhoneTray Service to make changes. Open C:\Users\Public\Documents\PhoneTray folder. Rename located in that folder to Then rename Phonetray(1).data to Double-click on PhoneTray icon on your desktop to start PhoneTray again. You should see all your data again and PhoneTray should start working. Please contact if you have any problems and we will be happy to help.

FYI: Google Will Disable Ads for Your Commercial Software Soon – New AdWords Policy in Effect

New Google AdWords policy Unsupported content – Free desktop software was introduced in April 2015. The policy says that you cannot advertise free software without registering with Google as a publisher and obtaining permission in advance. According to Google, ‘free desktop software’ applies to all downloadable software, including demo and trial versions of commercial software. Official confirmation:

Google already started to disable ads based on this policy. On April 27th our 10-year old AdWords account advertising our commercial software was suspended without warning for the violation of the ‘Free Desktop Software’ policy. It has been over two weeks and our website is still ‘under review’. You can read the full story here.

If you have any downloadable software on your website, be ready to have your ads disabled for at least several weeks while Google checks your software and decides if you are allowed to use Google AdWords. You can start the review process early by submitting this form: Application to advertise free desktop software as an authoritative distribution site.

I cannot even imagine how long this review process is going to take when Google disables ads of all software vendors who have a trial/demo version of their software available for download. We are talking about many thousands accounts including big names like Adobe, Microsoft, Corel etc. Major software distributors like ComponentSource will not be able to use Google AdWords at all.

Introducing major policy change that affects thousands of customers and disabling ads without warning is _not_ how a business should treat its customers. Even a simple email explaining the policy and asking software publishers to comply in advance would go a long way.