PhoneTray Pro 1.1

We just updated PhoneTray Pro to version 1.1.0. Open PhoneTray Pro and click Help -> Check for Updates. PhoneTray will say that the update is ready to be installed. Click on that text and select Install Now to update your version of PhoneTray Pro.

This version added wildcard support when blocking by caller’s name. You can use * to indicate a wildcard. For example:
ABC* will block all names that start with Abc, such as ‘Abc Cleaning’ or ‘Abc Marketing’
*FORD will block all names that end with Ford, such as ‘Main City Ford’ or ‘Country Ford’.

We also fixed PhoneTray crash when attempting to play broken .wav files.


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I am the founder and CEO of Traysoft Inc. I also design and develop software, provide customer support, manage our websites and do everything else including posting on this blog :-)

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