PhoneTray Pro 1.2

We just updated PhoneTray Pro to version 1.2. PhoneTray Pro now supports skins and modem sharing. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the Ribbon Menu. PhoneTray will say that the update is ready to be installed. Click on that text and select Install Now to update your version of PhoneTray Pro.

Here is what’s new in PhoneTray Pro 1.2:

  • Added several skins to change PhoneTray appearance. To select a skin click the Skins button next to the PhoneTray logo in the upper-left corner of PhoneTray window.
  • Added TAPI mode to share the modem with other programs. To enable modem sharing, click the Settings – Lines button on the left panel, select Advanced tab for Line 1 or Line 2 and check “Enable TAPI mode” checkbox. Please note that Caller ID detection could be less reliable in TAPI mode because PhoneTray has to use Unimodem driver for Caller ID in TAPI mode.
  • PhoneTray icon in the system tray will turn red if there are any errors. You can hover over the icon to see the error message.
  • PhoneTray now uses window background color selected in Windows as a background for the Calls, Contacts, Black List and White List screens.
  • Fixed: Sometimes PhoneTray was zapping a call only after 3-4 rings.
  • Fixed: PhoneTray was showing truncated Caller ID information with some modems.
  • Fixed: PhoneTray was reporting new calls with a delay on some systems.

Check out the new Xmas skin added to PhoneTray Pro 1.2!

Xmas Skin in PhoneTray Pro
Xmas Skin in PhoneTray Pro

3 thoughts on “PhoneTray Pro 1.2”

  1. Just downloaded and installed Vers. 1.2. I was using the free version for a long time, but it would not pass audio on my PC with VISTA OS.

    This new Pro version works perfectly, and now Ill have to get used to the new layout, but so far I like it a lot.

    I would say it was worth the wait to be released.

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