AddTapi.NET 4.0 has been released

Yesterday we released new version 4.0 of our telephony library AddTapi.NET. You can download the demo version of AddTapi.NET from To upgrade the purchased version of AddTapi.NET please send your serial number to Here is what’s new in AddTapi.NET 4.0:

Call pickup

AddTapi.NET 4.0 adds TapiLine.Pickup methods to pick up a call ringing on another extension. These methods can also be used to pick up a call-waiting call. TapiAddress.SupportsPickupCallWaiting property indicates if the telephony hardware supports call-waiting call pickup.

Call forwarding support

The application can use TapiAddress.GetForwardingInfo() method to obtain call forwarding information for the address. Forwarding information describes when incoming calls are forwarded and the destination number(s) for call forwarding. New TapiAddress.ForwardModes property describes forwarding modes supported by the telephony hardware. AddTapi.NET fires ForwardingInfo event when call forwarding information changes.

Device-specific information for calls, lines and addresses

New version adds TapiCall.DeviceSpecificInfo, TapiLine.DeviceSpecificInfo and TapiAddress.DeviceSpecificInfo properties allowing applications to obtain device-specific information about calls, lines and addresses.

TAPI re-initialization

AddTapi.NET 4.0 fires ReInit event when TAPI requires re-initialization. The application can handle this event to shutdown and re-initialize its use of TAPI without application restart. This is especially useful for long-running TAPI applications and services.

DTMF digit generated event

Version 4.0 adds Generated event that fires when DTMF digit generation has terminated. The application can use event arguments to find out if the generation was completed successfully or if it was canceled.

Obtaining existing calls

When the application opens a line for incoming calls, version 4.0 checks for existing calls on the line and adds them to the TapiLine.Calls collection. AddTapi.NET 4.0 also obtains call information and call state for all existing calls automatically.

Other small fixes and improvements

– Added OutOfOrder, Forwarded, Pickup, Cancelled and BadAddress to the TapiDisconnectMode enumeration to provide more information about the reason for call disconnect.

– Improved compatibility with NeoSpeech and Scansoft Text-to-Speech engines.

– Added TapiLine.ProviderInfo and TapiLine.SwitchInfo properties.

– New MonitorTones flag in TapiAddress.CallFeatures indicates if TapiCall.WaitForSilence(Int32, Int32) is supported by the telephony hardware.

– Fixed “Cannot find a request that matches reply message” errors that were occurring with some telephony hardware.

– Fixed an error with SIPTAPI telephony service provider.

– Fixed a problem with non-directed TapiCall.Park(String) on some systems.

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