PhoneTray Pro 2.2 Has Been Released

New version of PhoneTray Pro 2.2 has been released. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the Ribbon Menu. Please click here for more detailed update instructions.

  • New more reliable software update system.
  • Added a hidden option to change PhoneTray data folder. Please contact us if you want to change where PhoneTray stores its data.
  • Added support for phone numbers with extensions. When entering the contact’s phone number you can use ‘x’ to add an extension to the number, for example 555-235-4865 x234.
    Phone numbers with extension
    PhoneTray dials the number, waits for a few seconds then dials the extension. You can use this feature to dial additional digits when needed, for example to enter your account number when calling your bank.
  • Added Dial Home, Dial Mobile, Dial Work options to the pop-up menu shown when you right-click on a contact on the Contacts screen. Now you can quickly dial any of the contact’s numbers using the right-click menu.
    Contact Dial Context Menu
  • Now you can enter call notes directly on the Dial screen.
  • PhoneTray will show a matching PhoneTray contact when using PhoneTray dialer to dial from another application.
  • Added an option to start dialing immediately after clicking the Dial button. To change this option, go to the Settings -> Lines screen and select Dialing Settings tab:
    Dial immediately option
  • Other dial-out improvements.
  • Implemented a workaround for firmware bug in new Sewell modems. Sewell USB modems from the latest batch have a firmware bug that prevented PhoneTray from blocking calls on some phone lines. New version of PhoneTray should work properly with new Sewell USB modems.
  • Added an option to prevent PhoneTray alerts from interrupting full screen games and applications. To prevent PhoneTray from interfering with full screen games or applications, please go to the Settings -> Full Screen Alerts screen and checkĀ  “Do not show alerts if another full screen application or game is running” option.
  • Improved multi-monitor support. PhoneTray didn’t restore its position on the second monitor after restart in some configurations.
  • Fixed: changes to the notes for a white-listed or black-listed number were not reflected on the Calls screen.

12 thoughts on “PhoneTray Pro 2.2 Has Been Released”

  1. Hi Michael,

    it’s along time, how are you doing ?

    I’ve a question in regard to PhoneTray Pro:
    I bought PhoneTray Pro, when it came out some 2 years ago. Up to that time I used to work with PhoneTray Free. For the Free version, I had asked you back in 2009 to add a possibility in the settings to have the “Full Screen Alert”-PopUp “Staying displayed at the top untill clicked”. You promissed this to include it in version 1.32.
    I can’t remember whether it actually was included or not, but one thing is sure… in PhoneTray Pro it is not ! I would very much appreciate if this could be included in the Pro-version as well as it is a very usefull feature that I really miss.

    Thanks in advance and best regards to Canada.

    Ben (version 2.2.0)

  2. Hi Ben, glad to hear from you! You are right, that feature was in PhoneTray Free but we forgot to include it in PhoneTray Pro. We will add it in the next update. It will work like this: if “Display full screen alerts” is set to 99 seconds, full screen alert will stay on screen until clicked.

  3. I have purchased a new computer and wish to transfer Phone Tray to it. I have a backup copy of the program; but which files contain my data that I need to transfer. I really dont want to enter all of the blocked numbers manually. I have searched the files but cannot locate a data file that has been changed recently.

    Love the program.

    1. We sell PhoneTray Pro + Modem bundle but it includes Sewell USB modem instead of Hiro H50113. We found that Hiro H50113 and other modems with LSI/Agere chipset have problems with caller id detection on some phone lines, so we switched to Sewell modems with Conexant chipset.

  4. any chance it would work with a zoom 3095? it does report in CID, standard syntax i imagine, Conexant chipset, this one hooks to /dev/cu.usbmodem24680241 here on my mac mini(yosemite) with built-in driver…

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