PhoneTray Pro 2.4

New version PhoneTray Pro 2.4 has been released. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the Ribbon Menu. Please click here for more detailed update instructions.

New features in PhoneTray Pro 2.4:

  • New version uses default system fonts, making all text more legible.
  • Added 9 new skins: Office 2010 Black, Office 2010 Blue, Office 2010 Silver, Office 2007 Black, Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Green, Office 2007 Pink, Office 2007 Silver and VS2010. To change the skin in PhoneTray, click the Skins button in the upper left corner next to PhoneTray logo.
  • Now you can re-arrange the columns on the Calls and Contacts screen by dragging the column headers.
  • Added an option to disable checking for software updates.
  • Transparent background for full screen alerts now works properly.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

Please note that the new version of PhoneTray requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Windows 7/8 comes with .NET 3.5 already installed. If you do not have .NET 3.5 on your computer please download and install it from before updating PhoneTray to version 2.4.

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16 thoughts on “PhoneTray Pro 2.4”

  1. Interested in using this on my VOip Vonage system that has one voice line and a fax number attached to it. Will it work and do I need additional hardware? Right now my internet line goes to my Yealink IP phone SIP-T20, then the internet line goes to my router from phone and router connects two computers. I have Fiber Optic Internet coming in from outside lines.

  2. Sorry to be a bit OCD, but I have had some disappointing experiences with hardware-based call blockers in the past, so I’d like to define our environment and have you comment about Phonetray’s viability as an option for us:

    Phone system: Panasonic KX-TG7732 on a land line–4 handsets
    Internet: AT&T U-verse DSL
    Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner: Epson WF 3520

    — None of our four computers has a modem port, so we would need an external 56K modem
    — We have one laptop that is on nearly all day long so presumably that would be the best machine on which to load Phonetray

    — I am assuming that Phonetray will not work when the machine is in sleep mode, correct?
    — The AT&T modem has a jack labeled “Phone Line 1 & 2” Would that be on any use in a Phonetray installation?
    — I am assuming that the Panasonic’s call blocking should be cleared and that the existing hardware blocker should be removed, correct?

    1. Yes, PhoneTray will work with your setup. You will need to purchase one of the recommended modems listed at We recommend Sewell USB modem (the first modem listed) for AT&T U-Verse customers.

      Yes, laptops work well for PhoneTray because they consume very little power. You can keep the screen turned off if you are not using the laptop. You can also turn it off at night when no one calls. If your laptop supports USB wake-up you can keep it in sleep mode and the modem will wake it up when a call comes in. Your laptop has to be fast enough to wake up in 2-3 seconds, otherwise it will miss caller id. If your laptop is not that fast it will be better to turn the sleep mode off.

      You should leave call blocking enabled on your Panasonic phone. Panasonic phones have “first ring suppression” feature which is enabled when call blocking is enabled. With this feature enabled your phones will not ring at all when PhoneTray blocks a call.

      Please send an email to when you get a USB modem and we will help to set it up.

  3. Does this work with VOIP systems… I use a Vonage phone system… the computer is hard wired to my external Modem/Router where my Vonage is also connected.

    1. Yes, PhoneTray Pro works with Vonage. You will need a voice/data/fax USB modem in order to use PhoneTray Pro. PhoneTray Pro cannot work with Vonage router directly because it’s a proprietary Vonage hardware. You can purchase PhoneTray Pro + Modem package from our website or order one of the recommended modems from Amazon at

      When you get a modem, unplug your phone from the Vonage router and connect the jack marked as Line on the USB modem to Phone 1 jack on the Vonage router. After that plug in your phone into the jack marked as Phone on the USB modem. That way the signal from Vonage line will go through the USB modem before coming to your phone. Your phone will continue to work as before, even when your computer is turned off.

  4. Just relocated to Athens, Ga. At my old residence I had Att DSL service and phone tray worked well, Changed to Uverse/ DSL and operated satisfactorily.
    I relocated to Athens and had my Uverse transferred. When the installer showed up, he had all new equipment including some type of dual router and a supersmall reciever and a wireless reciever for my second tv.
    Well now when my landline rings phonetray does nothing.
    no screen indication or evidence of any calls.
    I deleted the program and reinstalled the program from scratch, nada.
    I understand they are using some new type of protocall they came up with and is causing them some troubles.
    Do you know if Hiro has a modem that will work with their new system.

    1. Your Hiro modem will work U-verse. Most likely the technician who installed U-verse disconnected the Hiro modem from the phone line and the modem is not connected to your phone line anymore. Please do the following: locate the phone line jack that your phone is plugged into and unplug your phone from that jack. Using phone cable connect Line jack on the Hiro modem to the jack that your phone was using. Plug in your phone into the Phone jack on the Hiro modem. Check for dial tone on your phone. If you have a dial tone, you connected everything correctly.

      Plug in the Hiro modem’s USB cable to a USB port on your computer if it’s not plugged in already. The blue light on the modem should light up and stay lit. Open PhoneTray Pro, click Settings -> Lines on the left panel then select the Hiro modem for Line 1 on the right panel. The Hiro modem will be listed as LSI USB 2.0 Soft Modem. PhoneTray should show modem status as Ready after several seconds. Call your number from a cell phone and PhoneTray should show incoming number on your computer screen.

  5. I’ve had PhoneTray for more than a year and I like it, but those scam callers are getting out of hand. A feature I’d like to see added to PhoneTray is an option to send all non-whitelisted numbers directly to voicemail. That would be great!

  6. Thanks to Phone Tray Pro with the HiRO v9Z 56k external modem, we now hope we will not be bothered repeatedly by calls from numbers used to make robo calls that leave no message, and show no name!

    After plugging the answering machine into the Hiro modem, and the Hiro modem cable into an open USB port, it was still necessary to install the correct driver from the three-inch Hiro Drivers disk that came with the Hiro modem. After that, on the first day Phone Tray Pro caught and blocked three callers who previously called repeatedly, but never showed their name or left a message.

    With PhoneTray Pro we have the option to import contacts and blocked call information exported and saved from previous use of Phone Tray on other computers and operating systems.

    Thanks to the software and directions for hardware from Traysoft our prospects are much improved that robo callers who do not show any caller ID and do not leave a message may not reach our telephone answering system repeatedly! Instead they will receive an immediate empty call block every time, and we will have the date and time of every one of their calls for reporting to others when we choose.

  7. Hello!
    Does PhoneTray still leave a “Zapped!” remark for blocked calls? (Didn’t see it in the screen shots.)

    Also, I tried to purchase PhoneTrayPro a few minutes ago (at approximately 11:30 p.m. MST) using the XMAS2016 code for 30% off that shows as valid through today, January 1, 2017, but the order screen said “This coupon has expired.”

    I’m concerned about privacy now because I had to enter personal billing information before the coupon expired response appeared and I’m no longer ordering. Please permanently delete that submission!

    Thank you.

    1. PhoneTray shows “blocked” icon in front of blocked calls in the call log. You can hover your mouse over the “blocked” icon to check why the call is blocked.

      We do not store any personal information until you place an order, so we don’t have your billing information stored. I’m sorry that the coupon didn’t work for you. The coupon validity was based on EST timezone and it was already Jan. 2 EST. If you still want to order PhoneTray please contact and I will give you another coupon.

  8. I tried emailing these questions to, but never received a reply. 🙁

    1. Does the app work on Mac OS X 10.11.x? If not, will it work on Parallels Virtual Machines (Windows XP or Windows 10) installed on OS X?

    2. I read on the website that Caller ID is displayed on the computer screen. Is the Caller ID displayed on wireless phone handsets as well? I tried a hardware call blocker that did NOT transmit Caller ID to the handsets; the handsets would merely display “Incoming Call;” the developer claimed to be mystified by this…

    WINDSTREAM POTS phone service; Panasonic KX-TGA653 cordless phones.

    1. We replied to your email, I’m not sure why you didn’t receive our reply.

      1. No, PhoneTray doesn’t work on Max OS X and it will not work on Parallels VM. You will need a Windows computer to run PhoneTray. Any old laptop or desktop will do as long as it can run Windows XP or later version of Windows.

      2. Yes, Caller ID will continue to be displayed on your phones as before. PhoneTray doesn’t interfere with your phones in any way.

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