AddTapi.NET 5.2 has been released

We just released version 5.2 of our computer telephony library AddTapi.NET. The demo version is available for download from To upgrade the purchased version of AddTapi.NET please send your serial number to Here is a list of new features in AddTapi.NET 5.2:

Call data support

The call data field is used to provide additional information related to a call in TAPI. Some systems, for example Avaya Voicemail Pro, use this field to pass additional information to TAPI applications monitoring the calls. New TapiCall.CallData property gives the application access to the call data. The CallData flag has been added to the TapiCallInfoState enumeration. AddTapi.NET fires the TapiApp.CallInfo event with this flag set when the call data becomes available or changes.

Special Information Tone (SIT) detection

Special information tones such as Reorder, Intercept or No Circuit indicate that an outgoing call has failed. AddTapi.NET 5.2 can detect and report special information tones to the application when running on telephony hardware with SIT detection capabilities such as Way2Call Hi-Phone. When a SIT is detected the call transitions to the SpecialInfo state and then disconnects. AddTapi sets the TapiCall.DisconnectMode property based on the type of SIT that was detected.

Call duration

New version adds TapiCall.CallDuration property that contains duration of the call. Call duration is calculated from the moment the call transitions to the Connected state.

Improved call state processing

In previous versions of AddTapi.NET the application could miss a call state transition if TapiApp.CallState events were firing quickly one after another. Version 5.2 processes call state messages from TAPI more efficiently and ensures that the TapiCall.State reported to the application in the TapiApp.CallState event handler matches call state in the corresponding TAPI message.

Other small fixes and improvements

– Added TapiAddress.AddressFeatures property that describes the operations that can be invoked on the address.

– Added CallID and RelatedCallID flags to the TapiCallInfoState enumeration. These flags indicate that the TapiCall.CallID or TapiCall.RelatedCallID property has changed in the TapiApp.CallInfo event.

– Fixed: Some incoming calls where reported as outgoing on HiPath TAPI 170.

– Fixed: Non-directed TapiCall.Park(String) could time out on some systems.

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