PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0 has been released

New version of PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0 has been released. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the ribbon menu. For more detailed update instructions please refer to How to update PhoneTray to the latest version article in our new web-based support system.

Here is what’s new in PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0:

  • Solved a problem with Windows update deleting PhoneTray data. PhoneTray will automatically restore the data after Windows update.
  • PhoneTray now supports call-to-click. You can click on a phone number link on any website and PhoneTray will dial that number for you.
  • Added several new skins including High Contrast, Windows 10 style Metropolis, Springtime and Valentine theme skins. To change the skin in PhoneTray, click the Skins button in the upper left corner next to the PhoneTray logo. Please refer to How to change PhoneTray skin article for more detailed information.
  • More reliable automatic blocking of telemarketers in PhoneTray online database.
  • Added Display As field for blacklisted and whitelisted numbers. The name you enter into the Display As field is used as the caller’s name for all calls from that numbers:
    Display As field on the Edit Black List Entry form
  • Your notes for a blacklisted or whitelisted number are now automatically copied to the call’s notes on the Calls screen.
  • New version shows blacklisted numbers in red and whitelisted numbers in green on the Calls screen:
    Blacklisted and whitelisted numbers on the Calls screen
  • You can now edit settings for a whitelisted or blacklisted number directly from the Calls screen. No more looking for that number on your white or black list:
    Edit blacklisted number on the Calls screen
  • New version prevents you from accidentally deleting a column when re-arranging columns on the Calls, Contacts, Black List and White List screens.
  • Added support for importing iPhone contacts.
  • Added support for dial prefixes (e.g. *67) in phone numbers.
  • New version turns on the display when showing a full screen alert on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a problem with truncated zap messages on some modems.
  • Fixed a problem with excessive flashing when PhoneTray window is resized.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

2 thoughts on “PhoneTray Pro 2.5.0 has been released”

  1. Used PT free 1.39 for years and am very happy. Unfortunately can not get it to work with Windows 10. Must now replace my Windows vista Laptop (old age issues) with a new device.
    Only have one question.
    I receive many “anonymous, name unavailable, unavailable, ect” using Spoofed numbers. Will PT pro allow me to reject these named calls automatically even if the spoofed number “appears” to be valid?

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