PhoneTray Pro 1.1

We just updated PhoneTray Pro to version 1.1.0. Open PhoneTray Pro and click Help -> Check for Updates. PhoneTray will say that the update is ready to be installed. Click on that text and select Install Now to update your version of PhoneTray Pro.

This version added wildcard support when blocking by caller’s name. You can use * to indicate a wildcard. For example:
ABC* will block all names that start with Abc, such as ‘Abc Cleaning’ or ‘Abc Marketing’
*FORD will block all names that end with Ford, such as ‘Main City Ford’ or ‘Country Ford’.

We also fixed PhoneTray crash when attempting to play broken .wav files.


New PhoneTray website

We have updated PhoneTray website with more information about upcoming PhoneTray Pro. On the Features page you can see some screenshots from the beta version. You’ve been waiting for PhoneTray Pro for a long time now and we are doing our best to release it as soon as possible.

Beta testing is going well and we are getting lots of very useful feedback. I want to thank all beta testers who send us emails and help us improve PhoneTray Pro. There is still a lot to do and we’re trying to fix problems and implement your suggestions.

Sorry, no official release date just yet but please stay tuned. We will start accepting PhoneTray Pro pre-orders at very soon.

This is the Calls screen from the latest beta version:

PhoneTray Pro Calls Screen

PhoneTray Dialup 2.38

PhoneTray Dialup 2.38 has been released. Please download the latest version from To update your version just download version 2.38 and install it over the previous version. As always, this update is free for all registered users of PhoneTray Dialup. New in version 2.38:

  • Added Modem-on-Hold support for USB and PCI modems with LSI/Agere chipset on Windows 7. Make sure to install the latest drivers from our website. Click here to download the drivers.
  • Added Modem-on-Hold support for USB modems with Conexant ACF chipset (for example Zoom 3095) on all versions of Windows.
  • Improved offline caller id support on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the new version.

Happy Holidays!

Just in time for the holidays we released PhoneTray Dialup 2.37 and PhoneTray Free 1.37. You can download new versions from Upgrading is simple: download and install new version into the same folder where previous version is installed. All your settings, call history and privacy manager numbers will be intact.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you all in 2010!