The Future of PhoneTray

It’s hard to believe but PhoneTray is over 6 years old. PhoneTray Free 1.0 was released on October 18th, 2003. We were working on PhoneTray Free for all those years but other things always had higher priority. A big part of the problem is that PhoneTray Free is free. We get only 3-5 donations per month and we have to work on other projects and do consulting work to make money. That’s why new versions of PhoneTray are released not very often lately.

I know that many of you like PhoneTray and a lot of people find it useful: PhoneTray Free was downloaded over 2 million times and has (as far as I can tell) at least 50,000 active users. I want to assure you that we are committed to PhoneTray and want to continue development. I believe it’s our mission to save the world from telemarketers or run out of money trying 🙂 We are working on the new, designed from scratch PhoneTray software that will be much better than PhoneTray Free. Here is what we are planning for the future:

PhoneTray Pro

PhoneTray Pro is a direct successor to PhoneTray Free. It will do everything that PhoneTray Free does and will have improved interface and many new features. Below is the list of major improvements over current PhoneTray:

  • Automatic blocking of thousands of known telemarketers and phone scammers. Phone Pro will use our online database to block calls from phone numbers that telemarketers and phone scammers use. You will get automatic protection right away without manually adding numbers that you want to block.
  • Built-in answering machine. PhoneTray Pro will have built-in voice mail system that you can use instead of your answering machine. PhoneTray Pro will protect its voice mail from robocalls, so you won’t get recorded messages left by computer autodialers.
  • Network support. PhoneTray Pro will run on the computer that has dial-up modem connected to the phone line, but you will be able to get call notifications on any other computer on your local network.
  • Call recording. You will be able to record phone conversation when needed or automatically record all calls from selected numbers.
  • Direct modem access. PhoneTray Pro will work with modems directly without using Windows TAPI driver. This will improve caller id decoding and solve many problems with incompatible modem drivers.

We are planning to sell PhoneTray Pro packaged with the Hiro USB voice modem for $45-$55 or software only for $25-$35.

PhoneTray Web

PhoneTray Web will use the same core software as PhoneTray Pro but with the web-based interface. Small client software that uses your dial-up modem to monitor incoming calls will have to be installed on your computer, but everything else will be done on the web. Your data will be safely stored on our server, encrypted and password-protected. You will be able to access call log, voice mail, contacts etc. using your login/password from any computer connected to the internet. PhoneTray Web will automatically block telemarketers and phone scammers like PhoneTray Pro but will offer some additional features:

  • Voice mail with web access. As PhoneTray Pro, PhoneTray Web will have built-in voice mail system plus you can check your messages from any computer.
  • Web-based phone book/contact list. You can add your contacts to the web-based phone book and the contact info will show up on incoming calls. You will be able to synchronize your contact list with other services like Google Contacts, Yahoo! Contacts and (eventually) with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone.
  • Web-based privacy management. Like PhoneTray Pro, PhoneTray Web will automatically block thousands of known telemarketers and phone scammers. In addition, you will be able to change all privacy settings, create your own blacklists and whitelists, select zap messages etc. on the web.
  • Email and instant messenger notifications. You will be able to get incoming call notifications on your MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk. Also PhoneTray Web will be able to send you an email when a call comes in or when a caller leaves voice mail.

We are planning to offer PhoneTray Web service for $3-$5 per month. We will also offer a starter package with Hiro USB voice modem, client software and 3 months of  service for $30-$35.

We need your feedback!

There are only 2 of us who develop PhoneTray and we need to concentrate on one of those projects. What do you want more, PhoneTray Pro or PhoneTray Web? Eventually we want to have both but we have to finish one of them first.

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Please vote and leave your comments. Tell us what you think about PhoneTray Pro and PhoneTray Web. Tell us what you want to get from PhoneTray in the future. Your comments are always welcome!

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Michael Rakita

I am the founder and CEO of Traysoft Inc. I also design and develop software, provide customer support, manage our websites and do everything else including posting on this blog :-)

188 thoughts on “The Future of PhoneTray”

    1. Hi lwc and thanks for your comments. By tracker do you mean a public bug/feature tracker? Yes, that’s a great idea. I was looking at some but most are quite scary for non-technical users. We purchased Axosoft OnTime for internal use but I didn’t have time to look at its interface for the customer side. I like, it looks nice and very easy to use. Maybe we will use it for feature requests.

      1. Yes, that’s what I meant. Many use Mantis. At first I thought uservoice was something like GetSatisfaction (which Twitter uses). But it seems GetSatisfaction is meant more for Q&A while uservoice is focused on being a tracker.

        Well, I’m down with any solution that shows me the technical progress of feature requests and not just human answers like a forum.

        The first link doesn’t work.

  1. I’m all for PhoneTray Pro, I will be registering it the day it comes out! to be honest the set of features you mention are quite exciting, can’t wait to try it, are you accepting any beta testers for this program? I a beta tester freak, so if you are please count me in! lol.

    Are you planning the phone book/contact list feature for the non-web version as well? if not it would be awesome to have it there as well, I can’t wait to try this new version, any estimate time of when it will be released?
    Once again, thanks so much for creating such a great program, I can’t stand those telemarketers.

    1. Yes, PhoneTray Pro will have the phone book/contact list feature. I’m not sure about synchronization with other services but the contact list will be there.

      We will definitely have alpha and beta testing for PhoneTray Pro. I’ll be posting here frequently on the progress of PhoneTray development. You can subscribe to blog updates or follow @phonetray on twitter.

  2. I would definitely like to see Phone Tray Pro. I have been a happy user of Phone Try Free and have helped several non-technical people set it up. I would buy the Pro version, and encourage others to do so. Right now, Hiro seems to be benefiting (have bought 5 USB modems from them in the past 2 months), you should also be selling your software.

  3. I use phone tray dial-up for the caller ID intervention system (use broadband internet). I would really like to see an option to integrate with Outlook (or other PIM’s). I’m looking forward to your new version.

  4. Michael, I have been using Phone Tray for about 6 months. Absolutely love it. I will buy the Pro version as soon as it is available. I am also willing to be a beta tester. I was only talking to a friend at work about a month ago saying that how great it would be if Phone Tray had an answer machine.

    I am gathering you will be allowing for personalised messages depending on the CID?

    I was glad to see upgrading my HP laptop from Vista to Win7 changed my in-built modem from no voice capability to voice enabled. 🙂

      1. Now *that* is a feature I am looking forward to (to which I am looking forward? Ah, dang dangling participles).

        Being able to play a very special message to some of the more persistent folks (our DNC list excludes charities, but there are a couple of dubious charities that call)

        I am going to try out PhoneTray Free to make sure our provider up here in Alberta provides v.92 standard CID. Keep working on Pro 🙂

        1. Wait, PhoneTray has the ability to do that *now*.

          I tried the free version out, and it works like a charm. I just wish Vista’s speech synthesis was… well, audible. At volumes where music blares, the speech synthesis is barely a whisper.

          Personally, I’m looking forward to the networking capability, as long as it can operate from multiple computers. We have a few machines hooked up on the wireless network, and the phones are not always right at hand (usually sitting on a charger out of toddlers’ reach somewhere). Being able to see who it is anywhere in the house before jumping up for the phone will be nice (I presume that’s what your network support is for)

          You will have your work cut out for you doing direct to modem as an alternative to TAPI. That sounds like an ideal spot for a plugin architecture – some bright sparks can then put together ‘driver’ objects for their favorite obscure modems (I’m always amazed at the weird equipment someone or other has) or have PhoneTray at work operating the modem at home.

          (I used to do a fair bit of communications software – glad to be out of it, fun though it may be! We did protocols that could operate PTT [push-to-talk] hardware as well as normal hardware)

          Will the built-in answering machine operate remotely via phone?

          1. Austin was talking about personalized answering machine greetings based on caller id. PhoneTray Pro will have that feature. Currently in PhoneTray Free you can set custom zap message based on caller id but PhoneTray Free doesn’t have answering machine functions.

            Yes, you will be able to call in and check your messages like with the regular hardware answering machine.

  5. I think $25-35 is too expensive. I’d be willing to pay from $10-15 dollars. I believe with a price structure like that you’ll have way more customers willing to purchase.

    1. Do you have Name and Number display? If so, is it not irrating to see a Private or Blocked caller? Would you not like to sent them a special message?

      As for Telemarketers, some display the company Name and Number. Unless you enjoy talking to them, I prefer to greet them with a nice message too.
      PS – you phone is ringing….

  6. PhoneTray Pro sounds good. Maybe a few skins to use on it? Or at least a way to change the white background color of the lists.

  7. Oh my god noooooooo, I hate programs that use skins, if they do, at least allow for use of the regular Windows native GUI, skins tend to be buggy and most look nasty and unprofessional.

  8. Pro sounds great and I love phone Tray free which pops up the caller ID. I would buy pro for ~$20 with life-time updates. I personally don’t have a need for a web-based service.
    I only use a modem for caller ID and an ocassional fax. I don’t like USB modems for my hardware config. I need an internal modem for Windows 7, 64bit?

  9. The concepts are interesting, but I can’t remember the last time I got a telemarketing call (I do get political calls and non-profit calls once in a while and ignore them, and I don’t answer calls with obviously faked CID info), so I’m not sure the anti-telemarketing angle is all that relevant for me since the do-not-call list came to life.

    The free version of PT works great on my PCI modem (which is dedicated to CID info duty), and I don’t think I’d want to pay to use Pro as the features aren’t that much of a value add over what I have now. I wouldn’t have any use at all for the Web version, especially if a monthly fee was involved. Between Google Voice and the increasing numbers of people who are dumping landlines (I heard the other day that 25% of US households are now cellular only) I can’t say I see an enormous market for either product.

    To me the best part of PT is the ability to see CID info on my PC screen (in large characters and from across the room if necessary) rather than have to look at the tiny CID screen on my phone. And I presume that using a USB modem would require me to keep my PC on 24/7 to gather caller info? If so, I wouldn’t want to waste the electricity.

  10. I have Phone Tray now and I have been using it for about 5 years or more I got it when it first came out. And I love it. But I already paid full price for it and I have the registration number for it also. It is suppose to be a lifetime program.

    Now when you release this new Pro do I have to pay for it? I have already paid for the version I already have and I had to pay extra because of the exchange from Canadian and US currency. Hope that you stand to your part of the agreement. It works super fantastic for me. Thank you .

    1. I completely agree. I too, paid, registered and have been using it for many, many years now. I also understood it to be a “lifetime program” with a “one-time purchase payment and free updates (newer versions).
      Doing so, was my reason for purchasing the software, to avoid monthly payments and not having a reocurring bill.
      Maybe PhoneTray should sell the new Pro to newcomers, but also, honor its loyal long time customers under their original agreement, as it was originally advertised.
      Yes, it is a wonderful product and I would like to continue using it….but!!!!
      I too, hope you keep your part of the orginal agreement.

      1. Sorry I didn’t explain it clear enough. PhoneTray Pro and PhoneTray Web are not for dial-up users. They will not work with dial-up internet. If you have dial-up internet you can continue using PhoneTray Dialup without any monthly payments. You will get all new versions of PhoneTray Dialup free of charge, just like you get them now.

        PhoneTray Pro and PhoneTray Web will be completely new, written from scratch software. We will offer PhoneTray Pro with 50% discount to all users who paid for PhoneTray Dialup or donated to PhoneTray Free. You have to understand that we never promised to give all new programs that we develop free of charge.

        You don’t have to buy PhoneTray Pro or subscribe to PhoneTray Web. If you decide not to buy PhoneTray Pro / Web, PhoneTray Free and PhoneTray Dialup will work on your computer exactly as before as long as you need them.

        1. Hey Michael! I’m willing to pay full price for the program, even though I’ve paid for PhoneTray Dialup. The features, from a business professional point of view, are worth the price. An Outlook plugin or phonebook search with the option to pop the contact on screen (or a log journal to keep up with time spent with clients) would be excellent!

  11. I’d like to see a PhoneTray that will send the caller id over a serial port to an Alpha LED sign. I wrote some software to do that, and it works, but I don’t have time to make it pretty and fancy.

  12. Michael,
    I hope you do not get discouraged by some of the negative comments. I love the idea of Phone Tray Pro and would purchase it in a heart beat.

    For blocking, I find that its only weakness is it’s inability to block the first ring, but then, nothing can do that unless it is in series with the telephone line rather than parallel as is Phone Tray. The most perfect tool for blocking unwanted calls was a hardware/software solution called, “Person to Person Caller ID Manager”, but unfortunately it has been discontinued and no one can find out why. I hope it was not because of lack of interest. If so, that would be bad news for Phone Tray. It is my guess that either Telemarketers bought the rights or it was disbanded by the FCC – who knows? It was the only pure solution to blocking unwanted calls that included wildcards and blocking the first ring. If the reason was poor sales, than I would suggest that poor sales was due to the seller failing to give detailed instructions on how to properly connect it to the telephone line.

    For improving Phone Tray, I have only one suggestion and it would require a major change in approach. Here is my suggestion: Provide a box that works with a computer to control the rings. The first ring is intercepted to allow the computer to decide routing. Routing is than sent out to the box which in turn switches the remainder of the rings to either a fax, a telephone, or a recorder. In other words, perform the same function that was performed by the Person to Person Caller ID Manager only use a computer to control the box (separate hardware). Of course, the separate hardware could be a computer card.

    John Izydorczyk (user of Phone Tray Dialup)

    1. Thank you for the comments John. We have to do more testing but it might be possible to control the phone attached to the Phone jack on the dial-up modem. If it works the phone will not ring at all on zapped calls. It’s not full routing like you suggested but it’s very similar. If it doesn’t work properly, there is one company in Taiwan that makes USB call recorders and they have ring control features. I’m trying to find out if those recorders support everything else that PhoneTray needs.

      1. Michael,
        Just to make sure we are on the same page. Here is the operation sequence that would make Phone Tray not just great, but awesome: 1) First ring wakes the computer, but does not ring the computer nor the telephones connected to the telephone line, 2) computer reads caller ID and makes comparison to the Caller List to make decision{block, do not block, fax call, record only, etc.}, 3) If decision is to BLOCK, than answer telephone and/or send designated block message, 4) If decision is to NOT BLOCK, than computer sends remaining rings to one or more of the following based on its decision {ring computer, ring all telephones connected to telephone line, ring fax, ring recorder}.

        As mentioned in my previous message, the above scenerio can only be accomplished by a hardware/software because the hardware would need to be connected in series with the telephone line and contain some type of switching mechanism.

        John I.

  13. Phone companies charge over $5 a month for less service than Phone Tray offers. I’d buy the Pro version with modem today if it was on the market. There are bugs in the Free version, but what can one expect, other than growing pains.

  14. I purchased phonetray when I had dial-up but now I have a dish that is dial up which is faster but caller id doesn’t work when I’m on line. If you come out with something that works with skywayusa I would purchase it.

  15. Hi Michael,
    I’m using PTF now for almost 2 years and although I had some problems with the 5601 USR modem (card), I’m still very happy with this nice little program and also with your fine support !! I would DEFINITELY ! purchase the Pro version and I find the pricing scheme absolutely reasonable. As I do live in Europe (France), what transport costs would be charged for the Modem/Software package ?
    And would you also implement the possibility to adjust Phone number display to European type of Telefon Numbering (we talked already about this some time ago) ? E.g. a number from Germany is now displayed like (004) 9456-123456 whereas it should be (049) 4561-23456. Other samples available :-).

    Best regards and Happy 2010 to you and to the team.


  16. Michael,
    I would gladly pay $55.00 for the next generation PhoneTray. I am currently having difficulty with making the current version work since I changed my computer but perhaps the next version will fix the problem. We are a small home-based business, and I don’t have the luxury of just turning off the phones for the obvious reason that we could lose legitimate callers. For a while there, the PhoneTray was truly a blessing. To get even with the telemarketers, my favorite “zap” message was to play a recording of a McDonalds lady: “Would you like an order of fries to go with that today?” !!

  17. I’ve been using Free for almost 3 years now, have a compatible modem. Used the zap features for a while, but more fun to be rude to callers. >:)

    My concern is the network support: I run PTF on an old XP laptop, but the other comps on my network are Linux. Would PTPro be able to send a display message to a Linux machine? If so, I’m in. Otherwise, I’m happy where I’m at.

  18. Hi,
    I’ve been off-and-on searching for a call blocking device and or software for aboiut
    8 months now and wasted several hundred dollars on several approaches all of which
    supply some of John Izydorczyks description of desirable features. I also have looked into Caller ID Manager (product) which seems close to the home users ideal (by description) and am equally puzzled by its apparent failure – or were they “bought off”.

    From what I have seen so far phone tray has a great start and I would definitely go for the pro concept.

    First ring suppression is VERY important to me and I would like to see an option
    to dump certain blocked callers to an answering machine.

    I use a Panasonic phone with 3 satellite units and internal answering machine
    with the base unit near a computer with a Hayes pass thru external modem which makes coverage throughout the house from one spot very simple. First ring suppression is the only thing I can’t do at the moment even though there are devices
    available to do that, they don’t pass thru the CID info.

    Good luck to you in your development !

  19. When it is going to come out. I started with the free version, and found, it so good, I moved to the paid version, which has so many additional features. It is my opinion, that, your product is good, but, it can be a lot better, with the new version, you are making. Make it quick, as, I will purchase it, as soon, as it comes out. Any ideal, how long?

  20. Thank you so much for offering this great program. The Pro version looks very good. But I write to thank you. I found the program back in 2003 and installed it for myself. I downloaded additional voices from the internet “the better to hear you with”… But even more gratifying for me, was to download your PhoneTray Free into my mother’s computer. She was nearly blind and squinted to see through areas in her vision that were wavy but perfectly clear beside the blotches of blackness that covered whatever she tried to look at directly, a result of retinal injury from diabetes. Your PhoneTray Free settings, allowed me to setup the colors and size that were easiest for her to see. We played (yes played) with phrases to announce her calls. I was “it’s your daughter, pick up the phone”… Thus, she could screen her calls from her bed if she was napping, or remain in her chair if she was watching her favorite soaps on TV. Your program definitely and immeasurably, improved her quality of life in her last year. I’m sure I could never convey how much that means to me with a simple “thank you”. I will be making a donation as soon as send this.
    When I built my computer a few years ago, I didn’t include a modem. I didn’t think I needed it. However, these last few weeks I have been bombarded with “survey” calls. Where did they all get my number? I have just installed PhoneTray Free in my husband’s laptop, plugged in the phone jack, and can’t wait to start zapping. Bring ’em on!!
    Thank you again. You are an amazing team of two.
    Barbara B in Clinton, CT

  21. I would like to see a Phone Tray GOLD or Platinum. Please keep an open mind.
    In addition to the features you have already mastered with message recording and all:
    1) Complete business and contact management service
    a) Priority Rings
    b) Calls your cell if you’ve missed an important call. Read you back the priority number that called or texts you that number
    c) Allows you to sort by Persons name or business and then allowing grouping business with employees (DB Sort Options)
    as a sales pitch: compatable with quickbooks and/or Outlook to dnld existing files.

  22. I’m in desperate need of PhoneTray Pro any ideas on release? Your phone tray free is a lifesaver thanks, this program works and makes life that much better (unless you’re an unwanted caller). The Phone Tray Pro is what I’m looking for it will be a nice package.

  23. Phone Tray Pro sounds great, if it will work with my PCI CID Supported Modem (WinComm V92-LX). A USB Modem is inconvenient, but would allow for phone monitoring using a dunsel Toshiba XP laptop instead of the server.

  24. This is an excellent, yet very user friendly software. I am sure going to make a donation today.
    I wish phone tray pro also includes all call recording (incomming & OUTGOING), soon as any extension phone is picked up on the line. Can this be included in your newer version ? AGAIN WE DON’T WANT MODEM TO MONITOR THE LINES EVERY 30 SECONDS !! That is annoying.

    Sanjay H Patel

  25. I have been using PhoneTray Free for a number of years and it meets my needs. It works, I don’t get calls from telemarketer’s and I can even program the software to cut out people I would rather not talk to at the local level. I believe that people that do good work should be rewarded monitarily; hence PhoneTray Pro is a step in the right direction.

    I am making the switch from the Windows OS to Linux. I would gladly pay for PhoneTray Linux Edition; if you see fit to go there. Many Linux user’s are looking for a program like PhoneTray for their Linux Desktop. (Ubuntu is a great place to start).

  26. The free version does all I need (my Fritz!Box does answerphone etc). I would be willing to pay a small price for this version if that means you can support and develop it. $9.99 seems reasonable. I’d like to see it (1) handle non-US phone number formats (French and UK), and have a way to import all my numbers and names from Outlook.

  27. Hi – I really like your product and have used it daily since 2003. It is great for looking up past numbers though I would prefer an easier way to do it via your program instead of excel. ie: log finder for Dates.. 60 & 90 Days (with your current 30 Days), Name and or by Number would be awesome. And if your sorting also included Zapped calls – WOW I would not use the voicemail feature however that is me BUT everything else is Awesome.

  28. Would be nice for optional unattended automatic recording of all in and out calls without the beeping. In addition to voicemail.

  29. Hoy volví a instalar el PhoneTray despues de 2 años sin usarlo estaba muy ansioso y estoy encantado, Gracias por tan maravilloso aporte.

    Me pareció fantástico el .NET con los números reportados por los usuarios, se podría hacer algo para Argentina, yo te ayudo a administrarlo.

    todo soft por la web será en unos años la manera de comunicarse pero vote por el Pro por preferir ser dueño de lo mio por un tiempo más.

    Con respecto al cobro mensual no va debes buscar por el cobro con publicidad !!

    Suerte a ambos!!!

  30. Good product and I use it all day and night. Would like to have the Pro it would make the package most complete. I have donated for the Free but I would surely pay for the Pro.

  31. Hello, Michael,

    I have been using PTF for about a year now. I thought CID was the best thing I ever invested in but your program made it even better. I was just looking for a program to show CID on my PC, but when I came across Phone Tray it was even better. Now I could talk back without being bothered. Your idea of tying into your on-line database would make it great. Right now, you must add any number you want ZAPPED! manually. With on-line look-up, it is taken care of automatically. Maybe you could allow the program to submit additions to your on-line database from users who learn of other annoying calls.

    Great program. I will be looking forward to purchasing your PRO version as soon as it is released. $25 sounds about right!

    Lee Reading, PA

  32. Michael,

    When I first read this blog I was so incensed – and discouraged at the tenor of your rationale for developing the “new” version(s) – that I left the blog almost immediately. Your up-front insinuation that we are all deadbeats and unwilling to pay for a good product really turned me off. If you will check the record, you’ll see that I donated, up-front, almost immediately after I discovered your product. It is a very good product, and has been very useful in its current state.

    Having hopefully regained my composure, I’ll vote for the PRO version. I simply don’t want to be dependent on someone’s web site and my ISP for the product to work correctly.

    And, as you should know, I’ll pay.



    1. Hi Don,

      Sorry, I didn’t want to offend anyone. We are very grateful to everyone who donated or purchased PhoneTray, and we will offer 50% discount for PhoneTray Pro to anyone who has a license for PhoneTray Free or PhoneTray Dialup. I was just stating the fact that most people never get around to donating, and we can’t devote a lot of time to PhoneTray Free. Having commercial version PhoneTray Pro will allow us to spend more time developing and improving PhoneTray, and it’s in the best interest of users who want a good product.

  33. When PhoneTray Pro with USB modem is available, please email your registered cutomers. I’ll place a standing order now. PhoneTray Free is a fantastic product! Great public service. Better than a Psychiatrist. I love being able to customize messages based on caller ID.

  34. WOW!! I can’t believe the number of cheap whiners on this comment board!! Comments like “I paid you guys $15 five years ago and now I want you to support, update, and give me free new versions for the rest of my life” are unrealistic. BTW, have you whiners contacted Microsoft to get Windows 7 for free – since you already bought DOS ten years ago? Get real!!!

    I’ve been using Phone Tray Free for years, although I did send a “contribution” a while back, because it’s such a great application (and bargain).
    You guys are great and imaginative. I’ll take Pro as soon as I can get it!!!

    Heck, I’d even pay an annual “renewal” charge if you keep enhancing the application.

  35. PhoneTray Pro” could very well replace a program I use to aid me, it is a phone USB computer recorder that can record to the hard drive and then saved on disk for latter use it is wonderful for recording important information. (I suffer from a brain injury, and there for find difficultly retaining memory of conversation.) If PhoneTray Pro” had this same ability included with its other great features into one program rather my having to have two I would buy it as well as many of our returning solders who are brain injured and thousands like me.
    Lewis Draney

  36. Here is a suggestion for a feature I would like to see in Pro or Free versions. Apologies if someone mentioned it above and I missed it.
    Wild card number blocking, which means you can block all calls from a certain exchange by entering area code + XXX then a wildcard character. This feature is advertised as part of ColdCallBlocker software. There software does not work for me, Phone Tray Free does (exept zap messages, to be resolved soon in Windows 7 and new modem). Here is an example of why this feature would be useful. I receive multiple robocalls calls from a local political calling company. They call from multiple phones but the area code and first three to five digits are always the same. Since I do not receive calls from anyone I know using the same area code and first three to five digits it would be great to have a ‘wild card’ option, like a special character * or #, to let Phone tray know to block all calls that begin with these numbers. I’ll gladly pay the $25-35 for a pro version, it beats having to pay the phone company $30 every couple of years to change my phone #. LOL. PS if you do create a voice mail system, please please please make it easy to program so it lets callers leave a message quickly without menu options requiring ‘press1’ to leave message then ‘enter the mailbox # of person you’d ik to reach’ etc.

    1. This feature is already in PhoneTray. You can use ? instead of digits in the phone number. For example, if you add (555) 123-???? to the Privacy Manager and configure it to be zapped, all calls from 555 area code with 123 in the beginning of the number will be blocked. You can block whole area code as well, like (555) ???-????.

  37. I would like to thankyou for producing such a wonderful program. It has been a blessing to me. At the moment I use the Phone Tray free but if it should become unavailable, yes, I would be interested in a yearly renewal…or whatever. I don’t want to loose this great product….thankyou

  38. HI Michael – Love your program – doubt I would find most of the new features useful to me – I would easily pay up to $50. The only feature that I would like to see is a Dial-out Call Log. Good work- hope you get filthy rich.


  39. If you install PhoneTray Free and set up a webserver and PHP (I use wamp, also free and easy to set up) then to go online and check and see who called when online just use the following code. Please keep in mind this was just sort of thrown together and I’m sure it could be more neatly written/optimized, but it works… You’ll need to set the PhoneTray software to put its logs in your webserver where you have this php file stored, and you’ll possibly have to change the look-up server from the canadian one I use to something else if you don’t live in canada…

    [Admin: I removed the code because it doesn’t show up properly. Please use the link in the reply below to get the code.]

  40. Being able to record calls to wav or mp3-like formats direct to a hard drive is a very important feature for me as well as a the answeing machine with flexible functionality.
    Good work!

  41. Would like to see a feature in PhoneTray that would allow the user to pre-define a few setups. For example, I use the same setup for every telemarketer…
    No Ring
    Small Pop-up for 10seconds
    Zap 1 ring
    Use same .wav… etc…
    I’d like to have a one click button to apply my “TeleMarketer” setup to any entry.

    I’d also like to have the ability to use variables in phone number matching.
    I have one telemarketer that I’d like to handle by the number
    (858) 467-7* or (858) 467-7???
    As soon as I fill in a Zap for one number, they call on another (similar) number.

    Al Campagna
    Donator, and long time PhoneTray user…

    1. Hi Al,

      Actually you can use ? in phone number matching in the current version of PhoneTray Free. Also if you right-click on the number in Call Log and select “Add to Privacy Manager and block number”, it will be added to the Privacy Manager with the same settings as the last number configured to be zapped. So you don’t you have to change settings for every telemarketer if you add them this way.

  42. Pro for sure. Sounds great! And thanks so very much for providing the free version. I have donated twice and will likely move to Pro ASAP. You may want to consider using the free version as a trial. I really hate being forced to buy something on line only to find it doesn’t work. A feature-limited free trialhelps.

    As an aside: Have you considered an iPhone(Tray) app? Slightly different set of reasons for use, but interesting just the same.


    1. Yes, we will have a 30-day trial plus if you bought PhoneTray Pro plus modem you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

      Yes, I was thinking about mobile version of PhoneTray. Unfortunately not for iPhone because Apple doesn’t allow third-party apps to handle incoming calls. But it’s possible to make a version of PhoneTray for Android and BlackBerry phones. That’s something we want to do after PhoneTray Pro.

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