The Future of PhoneTray

It’s hard to believe but PhoneTray is over 6 years old. PhoneTray Free 1.0 was released on October 18th, 2003. We were working on PhoneTray Free for all those years but other things always had higher priority. A big part of the problem is that PhoneTray Free is free. We get only 3-5 donations per month and we have to work on other projects and do consulting work to make money. That’s why new versions of PhoneTray are released not very often lately.

I know that many of you like PhoneTray and a lot of people find it useful: PhoneTray Free was downloaded over 2 million times and has (as far as I can tell) at least 50,000 active users. I want to assure you that we are committed to PhoneTray and want to continue development. I believe it’s our mission to save the world from telemarketers or run out of money trying 🙂 We are working on the new, designed from scratch PhoneTray software that will be much better than PhoneTray Free. Here is what we are planning for the future:

PhoneTray Pro

PhoneTray Pro is a direct successor to PhoneTray Free. It will do everything that PhoneTray Free does and will have improved interface and many new features. Below is the list of major improvements over current PhoneTray:

  • Automatic blocking of thousands of known telemarketers and phone scammers. Phone Pro will use our online database to block calls from phone numbers that telemarketers and phone scammers use. You will get automatic protection right away without manually adding numbers that you want to block.
  • Built-in answering machine. PhoneTray Pro will have built-in voice mail system that you can use instead of your answering machine. PhoneTray Pro will protect its voice mail from robocalls, so you won’t get recorded messages left by computer autodialers.
  • Network support. PhoneTray Pro will run on the computer that has dial-up modem connected to the phone line, but you will be able to get call notifications on any other computer on your local network.
  • Call recording. You will be able to record phone conversation when needed or automatically record all calls from selected numbers.
  • Direct modem access. PhoneTray Pro will work with modems directly without using Windows TAPI driver. This will improve caller id decoding and solve many problems with incompatible modem drivers.

We are planning to sell PhoneTray Pro packaged with the Hiro USB voice modem for $45-$55 or software only for $25-$35.

PhoneTray Web

PhoneTray Web will use the same core software as PhoneTray Pro but with the web-based interface. Small client software that uses your dial-up modem to monitor incoming calls will have to be installed on your computer, but everything else will be done on the web. Your data will be safely stored on our server, encrypted and password-protected. You will be able to access call log, voice mail, contacts etc. using your login/password from any computer connected to the internet. PhoneTray Web will automatically block telemarketers and phone scammers like PhoneTray Pro but will offer some additional features:

  • Voice mail with web access. As PhoneTray Pro, PhoneTray Web will have built-in voice mail system plus you can check your messages from any computer.
  • Web-based phone book/contact list. You can add your contacts to the web-based phone book and the contact info will show up on incoming calls. You will be able to synchronize your contact list with other services like Google Contacts, Yahoo! Contacts and (eventually) with your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone.
  • Web-based privacy management. Like PhoneTray Pro, PhoneTray Web will automatically block thousands of known telemarketers and phone scammers. In addition, you will be able to change all privacy settings, create your own blacklists and whitelists, select zap messages etc. on the web.
  • Email and instant messenger notifications. You will be able to get incoming call notifications on your MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk. Also PhoneTray Web will be able to send you an email when a call comes in or when a caller leaves voice mail.

We are planning to offer PhoneTray Web service for $3-$5 per month. We will also offer a starter package with Hiro USB voice modem, client software and 3 months of  service for $30-$35.

We need your feedback!

There are only 2 of us who develop PhoneTray and we need to concentrate on one of those projects. What do you want more, PhoneTray Pro or PhoneTray Web? Eventually we want to have both but we have to finish one of them first.

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Please vote and leave your comments. Tell us what you think about PhoneTray Pro and PhoneTray Web. Tell us what you want to get from PhoneTray in the future. Your comments are always welcome!

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Michael Rakita

I am the founder and CEO of Traysoft Inc. I also design and develop software, provide customer support, manage our websites and do everything else including posting on this blog :-)

189 thoughts on “The Future of PhoneTray”

  1. Is there any type of deadline for releasing the new software? I know, I am ready and willing to purchase it.

  2. I have downloaded and try a lot of programs and their are only about 10 that i think are any good and would tell sum one to try. Phone Tray is one i would. i was getting telemarketer and other calls that i wanted to stop Phone Tray Free is the only one that dos what it said it will do and is so ez. one thing i like is my computer doesn’t even have to be on the internet for it to work. i have been running it without any problem at all for about 2 months now. i would like to try Phone Tray pro. Thank for a very good program that works perfect .

  3. I personally canNOT wait until the Pro version comes out! I want it so bad, I can taste it! Well ok, maybe not taste, but the anticipation is off the wall!!!

    I registered the free version and it is a part of my everyday life now and the endless call logs are just totally awesome! I have calls going back to 2007 and can look up almost anyone’s number who ever called me since! My line is set up so it doesn’t allow blocked numbers and I haven’t had an “out of area” call for a few years now since CID forwarding is available about anywhere these days.

    One suggestion for when you are able to come out with the pro: Can you have a periodic audible tone for all parties to hear when recording conversations so you don’t have to tell someone they are in fact being recorded? I read that if you do not tell a person they are being recorded or they do not agree to be recorded and you do it anyway, you can get in trouble unless there is that beep every few seconds. Of course the person is going to ask what the beep is and will probably hangup anyway, but there is nothing they can do about it. :p Be great for rude people.

    Here are the FCC rules on this:

  4. I believe the work you are doing on behalf of the rest of humanity is essential to the peace and well-being of our society! I say “the rest” of humanity, because I do not include the scum referred to as telemarketers. What those criminals fail to consider, or honor, is the fact that it is MY MONEY that purchased the hardware and service that they are abusing. It is MY PHONE, MY PHONE NUMBER, MY MODEM, MY COMPUTER… If I choose not to hear from them, that is MY BUSINESS!

    (I have been receiving debt-collection calls from an outfit called “Conserve” – trying to locate a former tenant of mine for 24 YEARS!!! She apparently is delinquent for $50,000 in tuition loans! I try to explain to them that I have no knowledge that can be helpful to them, nor do I expect to acquire any. Also, that fact does not establish a prior business relationship between us which gives them the right to harass me repeatedly!!!)

    If telemarketers were knocking on my front door, or on my windows, to deliver their trash, I could get the police on them pretty quick. (I wish someone would explain the difference to me – why the one is legal, and the other is not!!) But society is almost as considerate of my rights as the telemarketers!!!

    Presently I am living on a Social Security Disability fixed-income. I cannot afford to support all the people I would like to. I had hoped to use a “log” showing all the calls I consider intrusive in my complaint to the Attorney General of Connecticut (that wonderful Marine Corps veteran) Richard Blumenthal. That was before a recent computer crash, with subsequent loss of data…

    In short, your software is invaluable, and most highly appreciated, but I cannot afford any fees for same. Please carry on!!!


    1. Joel,
      In a case like yours there is an easy solution since they have been harassing you for 24 years. The following is copied directly from the FTC web site:
      If a collector contacts you about a debt, you may want to talk to them at least once to see if you can resolve the matter – even if you don’t think you owe the debt, can’t repay it immediately, or think that the collector is contacting you by mistake. If you decide after contacting the debt collector that you don’t want the collector to contact you again, tell the collector – in writing – to stop contacting you. Here’s how to do that:

      Make a copy of your letter. Send the original by certified mail, and pay for a “return receipt” so you’ll be able to document what the collector received. Once the collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact or to let you know that they or the creditor intend to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit. Sending such a letter to a debt collector you owe money to does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact. The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt.

      Once this is done, record each contact from the debt collection agency because each violation will result in a fine of $1,000 payable to YOU. Last year (3/16/2011), one of the worse violators of FTC consumer laws, West Asset Management, was forced to pay a settlement of $2.8 MILLION for violations of FTC rules.

      So there are many examples of what is wrongful conduct but the point is that the collector has to look in the mirror and honestly assess whether it broke the FDCPA.

      If so, then it faces:
      •Statutory damages of up to $1000 for each violation;
      •Compensatory (actual) damages for mental anguish, credit reporting damage, etc that might be on the lower end $5000 or $10,000, or could be on the higher end in the six figures;
      •Costs of the lawsuit that it pays and that the consumer incurs — deposition expenses, travel expenses, etc. that can range on the low end in the hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars on the high end;
      •Its own attorney fees — just filing an Answer to the lawsuit and setting up the file will be thousands of dollars and taking a case to trial will be tens of thousands of dollars; and
      •The consumer’s attorneys’ fees — in a simple case there are thousands of dollars at the beginning and to take a case to trial will normally have well over $100,000 in fees.

      The reason is that average lawyer fees in a consumer case are $400 per hour (both for the consumer’s lawyer and the collction agency’s lawyer so each hour spent costs $800 in lawyer’s fees alone) and if the consumer has a good case, your lawyer will take the case on a contingency basis so you pay nothing to hire a lawyer to sue the collection agency.

      Being permanently disabled myself. I know exactly how you feel but you are NOT powerless, by any means.

  5. We’ve been waiting for you Michael. Many of us want to purchase the Pro version including the modem. A time frame, month, year would truly relax the long wait. Thank you.

  6. I purchased phonetray dialup about 4 or 5 years ago. I could not imagine being without it. It allows me to be able to take those important calls while blocking the ones I dont want to have to disconnect for (such as telemarketers). phonetray dialup is AWSOME!!!

  7. I would love to see an option for “Run external program” added to the Ring selection. This would let me interface PhoneTray into my home automation system. I could then turn on the telephone bells ONLY for those calls designated in PhoneTray. Result – no audible ring at all for calls that are zapped!

  8. Phone Tray free is outstanding but phone tray Pro will be amazing even with half the features listed. Software cost factor? $30.00 to $40.00….. hell yes! it would be such a deal, ask anyone who uses Phone Tray Free now and they will say they’ed gladly pony up the money for the Pro version.

    PS Thank you so much for the free version!

  9. Phone Tray free is great! Phone Tray Pro sounds even better! Will Phone Tray Pro work with Call Waiting ID? That is the only small difficulty of the free version; that it cannot screen Call Waiting ID calls. But thanks for a great program!

  10. Thank you for my sanity! I have used your software for years. Due to an accident I was left with $350,000 worth of medical bills. This porogram saved my sanity. No more collection calls. NONE. A couple of things I would like:
    1) A default setup or selectable setup. IE – I get a new call I don;t want. Click to add it and the settings would already be what I want them to be. Or maybe a saved set that were nameable.
    2) a record feature so I could record a custome greeting to each caller before sending them to voicemail. This should be on the settings area for each phone number
    3) Have more ZAP recordings. I added a ‘disconnection notice’ and my all time favorite: ‘My Voice Mail Is Full” for those you don’t want to make mad.
    4) Package your new software with an .INI file so it could be sold by third parties on a per license basis. In other words, if I buy 10 copies, you would show mw how to edit the .INI file so it would like like my company was selling it.

    The voicemail might be good, that you mentioned, but many of us already have a voicemail system. Maybe not?

    Thanks again for great software that works!

  11. Hi there! The number one and number two features I am looking for are as follows:

    1) The networked version which can listen over the LAN should be able to display the caller ID data fullscreen. I am currently using YAC’s listener for this, but it is a teeny-tiney tooltip, not large.

    2) When this does show up, it should be able to bring the monitor out of idle/low-power mode. I have been hunting high and low for a program that can do these two things to no avail, and I think the Pro version of PhoneTray would be just the ticket…

  12. Hey Michael,
    How about an update on the Phone Tray Pro progress. I think many of us are waiting to purchase this product.
    Thanks from a registered user of Phone Tray Free.

  13. Michael,

    I have a feature recommendation for either PhoneTray free or the Pro version. If you only see fit to include it in a paid (pro) version I’d be willing to purchase it for this added feature alone, as it’s rarely, if ever, seen in any such computer CID/Blocker software.

    Most of these programs, if not all, only block from an exclusion standpoint. That is to say that they: Allow “ALL” except those listed in an “exclusion” database, which is fine and should fill most needs.

    However some like myself may believe in a more stringent approach with controlling their personally owned phone equipment and services. I’ve often wondered why we as a society have come to believe that an invasion in someones PRIVATE abode with unwanted/unsolicited sounds and banter which distracts and consumes time is considered right and goes without saying. I mean you don’t walk into my yard, grab my lawn mower and use it to mow your yard; so why do you wire into my house, make noise, grab my attention to sell your selfish needs? To me it’s all thievery!

    From my perspective, I’ve subscribed to the idea of telecommunications ONLY for outgoing calls and random incoming calls from friends and business associates that I’ve deemed worthy, as a means to be informed of emergencies or to plan social/business events.


    I would like to see a program that has the ability to “either” operate from the above mentioned “Exclusion” perspective “or” from an “inclusion” perspective, that is to say to: Drop “ALL” calls except those that are “included” in a database.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


    1. Thanks Tom, I totally agree. You can do “block all except included” in the current version of PhoneTray Free. Set “Toll Free”, “Local” and “Long Distance” entries in the Privacy Manager to Zap Automatically. Add numbers that you want to go through to the Privacy Manager. Make sure Zap is not selected for the numbers you added. PhoneTray will see full match for the incoming number and apply settings for the number (no zap) instead of Local or Long Distance settings.

  14. I’ve been using Phone Tray Free for about 5 years. I couldn’t do without it. We are in an area that will not be getting affordable high speed for a while, and Phone Tray is great. We can go on the internet without worrying about missing calls. I find it hard to believe it could be better! I will certainly get the new one when it comes out.

  15. I love your PhoneTrayFree and I have just registered it after several years of use. I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I am more interested in the Web based product you describe but voted for the “both”, although not demanding the “want it now” portion of that vote. I understand, unlike the youth of the past few years, that all good things come to those who wait…patiently I might add. I will be patient but wanted you to know that I do appreciate all your hard work Mike. Thank you.

  16. If it will do voicemail, it would be really nice, if you could have mulitiple voicemails like extensions (ie. to leave a message for John, press 100, Tim, press 101…)

    I don’t really like having another web based service that costs me money every month. We have enough monthly service based thing, please don’t add more.

  17. I also very much looking forward to PhoneTray Pro 🙂

    It will be nice to once again be able to run Phonetray as a system service under Windows 7!

    I hope a beta will be released by January 2011.

  18. Will i be able to keep and use the one I currently have and PAID for? I’m pretty much an idiot when you describe all this new stuff. Can someone explain what all this means as to my choices in language for dummies?

  19. I would like to be able to select an entry in the phonebook register; press one function key and have that number dialled up.

    Just like Jim Button’s old Buttonfile does. But that is not TAPI compliant.

  20. Does this mean you will be discontinuing Phonetray Dialup for Phonetray Pro or Web? No more free upgrades? I mean, I understand. You gotta eat. I don’t work for free either. I am grateful for Phonetray and did buy it (Customer #29486). If Phonetray Pro/Web will be better and work with my modem, I won’t hesitate to purchase it. And I do recommend it to folks whenever appropriate..

    1. Mark, we are not discontinuing PhoneTray Dialup. In fact, new version of PhoneTray Dialup will come out next week. PhoneTray Pro will not be for the dial-up internet users, so we will continue to update PhoneTray Dialup. We will be adding support for new modems and fixing bugs in PhoneTray Dialup as long as we have customers who use dial-up internet.

  21. I would love it if Phonetray Pro could send the caller id information over the network to my media center pc. Even better if it could sync with my outlook contacts and display the caller id, photo and give me an option to hang up, answer or send to voice mail… Thanks!!

  22. I like the idea of an improved Phonetray. I paid for mine two years ago.
    I don’t minded paying for the improved verison but I hope it would be a one time fee. In turn I would be willing to buy a good anti-viris program or internet, web services, ect, from Phonetray.
    Something to think about, right?

  23. Looking forward to Pro with voice mail and call recording capability. The first time or two of some unidentified calls I would like to give the caller the option of leaving a message before I add them to the zap category. Repeat calls with no message are good zap candidates. However, these unidentified calls could pickup on the 2nd or 3rd ring while identified calls on the 5th or 6th. This would give me a chance to give higher priority to answering the phone myself before voice mail kicks in when I am not near the computer and all I can hear is the phone rings – like when I am outside.

    Thanks for the free version. Keep one around, however, for those of who are financially limited by retirement, disability, or the depression economy.

    Sometimes extended family get new cell phones and new numbers with brand new area codes and prefixes I have never seen before. I ignored my elderly parent’s “WISCONSIN” phone calls for 3 weeks last year when they got their new cellphone. Oops!

  24. I am a new user of the free software. It was recommended to me by a friend. I’m on cable VoIP using PhoneTray free now, but when I had a land line I paid a $3 fee a month to have network call blocking. I like the PhoneTray software so much more because of the flexibility and the fact that I can do all the settings myself. I will gladly pay for the extra features of a Pro version when it comes out.

  25. On May 15th, 2010 – 16:49 Michael asked: How much longer until we can get our hand on a PhoneTray Pro Beta :)?

    I ask again on Thursday, October 28th, 2010: How much longer until we can get our hand on a PhoneTray Pro Beta :)?

    1. You know, I think if I had people lining up to buy a product, I’d at least try to answer their questions about when it might be available! 😉 Thirty days now since this post and absolutely no response. If this is the level of support, it will make me think twice before I buy the product.

  26. From July 25, 2010

    Hey Michael,
    How about an update on the Phone Tray Pro progress. I think many of us are waiting to purchase this product.
    Thanks from a registered user of Phone Tray Free.

    Still waiting for a reply….

    1. I’m sorry PhoneTray Pro is taking so long. Old rule of software development says: “Get time estimate from programmers and multiply it by 3”. It proves to be true over and over. Too bad we can’t afford to work on PhoneTray Pro 100% of our time. It’s hard to say when it’s going to be ready if you work on one program full-time, but it’s almost impossible to estimate when you have 2-3 other projects at the same time.

      We have alpha version running but it’s missing several key features. I think it will take a month or two to get to the beta version. But you should take my estimate and multiply it by 3 😉

      Sorry again for the delays with PhoneTray Pro. Believe me, we want to finish it as much as you do!

  27. Hi, I tried Phonetray Free for the first time today and really like the application. I would certainly pay to get the Pro version.

    Good work! Keep going, guys.

  28. I’ve just started using PhoneTray free and am impressed, it is basic but works well, but could do with an option to change/turn off the ring tone.

    I would like to see PhoneTray Pro too, and I would like it to support Windows 7 Media Center, perhaps pause whatever’s happening in Media Center and give you the option to take the call, reject or use the answer machine. Also to be able to dial calls from with in Media Center would be good.

    It would also be good if it supported other common media centre programs.

    Ideally I’d like the modem to be in my server which is on 24/7, this could be the answering machine as well.

    As someone else suggested, separate mailboxes for different family members would be good.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like PhoneTray and find it useful. Media Center integration is something we would like to do but it will not make it into the first version.

      You can change ringtones or turn off ringing in the current version of PhoneTray Free. Click PhoneTray icon in the bottom right-corner of the screen to bring up PhoneTray. Click Privacy Manager button (the second button on PhoneTray toolbar). You will see a list of call types (N/A, Private Number, Out of Area, etc.). Click on each call type and click … button next to the Ringtone box to select another ringtone, or uncheck Ring box if you want to disable ringing. PhoneTray has separate settings for each calltype so you will have to do it for all of them. You can also add a number to the Privacy Manager and assign different ringtone to specific number.

      1. Thanks for the heads up on the ring tones, must have missed that when I was looking. Looking forward to the pro version

        FYI and others I’m using a Zoom PCI modem P-N 3025-72-00CF in the UK, the F on the end is the firmware version apparently, as I also have a 3025-72-00CG, which caller display works on as well.

  29. I Love Phonetray (free version)!
    Customer support (for backup) from Chris was Amazing, prompt, and VERY Kind!
    Thank You Chris, your help was much appreciated!!!
    $25 does not sound extreme. Free is better, but I totally understand, and will continue with PhoneTray, even if I must shell out some extra money.
    Y’all are Great!
    PhoneTray currently is showing “NA,” but I’ll get it figured out…
    It’s still worth it!
    : )

  30. Will PhoneTray Pro be more stable in its interface with the HIRO USB voice modem?

    Currently I use PhoneTray Dialup and the voice support is very intermittent. For a long time I had to stay on an old version of the driver or the modem wouldn’t work at all. That seemed to get resolved and for about 4 months now voice worked. Now all of a sudden it has stopped working again. I tried upgrading to 3.39 in hopes that would bring voice back but no luck.

    If you are going to market it including the HIRO USB voice modem along with the software, you are going to have to resolve inconsistenciescies with HIRO. I don’t know if PhoneTray is at fault or HIRO but it drives me crazy.

    If these issues can be resolved I would be happy to move up from PhoneTray Dialup in spite of Dialup itself doing a fine job. I think the ability to broadcast across my local network (5 computers in my house) and being able to record critical conversations so I can go back and be sure who said what make this a huge step forward.
    Also having a centralized database of SCAM artists would really cut down on the database within my local PhoneTray system.
    One question on that point. If I don’t have these numbers in my local copy can I still select a response message to these numbers? Right now for virtually every ZAPPED number my voice response is that my number has been disconnected. I find that to be more effective than telling them I don’t accept sales calls since these phone sales organizations ignore that and keep calling over and over again.

    1. Yes, PhoneTray Pro will work with modems directly without using voice drivers, and it will work much better than the current PhoneTray. The problem you have is that Windows sometimes updates the driver for your modem and installs it’s default driver without voice support. Re-installing PhoneTray will not help in this case. You have to uninstall the modem driver and re-install the driver from our website.

      Yes, in PhoneTray Pro you can assign zap messages to all blocked numbers. The Privacy Manager in PhoneTray Pro is completely re-worked and much easier to use.

  31. PhoneTray Free has always been the best but for me, PhoneTray will not be complete until it is truly a complete telephone assistant. When a call comes in, I don’t want to hear a phone ring unless 1) the caller is an approved “white list” caller or 2) the caller presses a certain code of my choice (stated in the recording they hear) and then I can decide to answer or let it go to the external phone’s voice mail. All other calls are automatically “black listed” to hear a message to either record their message to the computer voice mail, get zapped or to enter the code to go through. PhoneTray Pro sounds like it’s almost there and I see where others have commented on these features. I don’t want to completely lose a call from a long lost buddy but the biggest issue for me is the telephone ring. I don’t want to hear a single ring before a zapped call; just zap it without a ring. The computer will manage the call and all the phones in the house will be set to Ringer Off. But if a caller punches through and I’m not there to get it, the external phone answering machine can get it if they choose to leave a message.
    I hope I’m not being too redundant and missing features already there. If I am, you can let me know. Thanks for the great software.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Alan. PhoneTray Pro will work exactly as you described. Maybe not all features will be implemented in the first version but we will get there.

      The key point here is to set all the phones in your house to Ringer Off, because PhoneTray can’t stop external phones from ringing. Even with the current PhoneTray Free you will not hear anything for zapped calls if all phones are set to Ringer Off, and you disable ring and announce in PhoneTray for zapped calls.

      1. I feel a little dense here, Michael. I agree that listening to the one or two rings of a blacklisted call is annoying especially since I have to wait until it stops to know that it is blacklisted. I also understand that turning off the ringer will prevent blacklist numbers from ringing the handset. But doesn’t it do the same thing to every other call including the ones I want to answer? Is there something I missed?

  32. Currently using PhoneTray Free (1-2 years). YOU HAVE A TERRIFIC PRODUCT. I vote for PhoneTray Web. My husband and I are now retired and frequently travel in our motor home. With PhoneTray Web we could check voice messages left on our land-line answering machine at home. (We don’t want to forward all the calls to our cell phones.) We are able to retrieve our messages remotely if we call from another land-line, but finding a land-line on the road is not always easy. Plus it’s a long distance phone call. Unfortunately, our answering machine will NOT respond if we call to retrieve messages using our cell phones. So PhoneTray Web would be a very useful to people like us. I also love that either version will AUTOMATICALLY block known telemarketers and scammers. The Web-based phone book/contact list feature would be great. Finally a way to know exactly who is calling, identified the way I personally know them. I agree with David Notestine’s comment #1 on 7/17/10 — saved settings “template” that could be retrieved by name to set up a newly added contact. Now for each caller I want to block I have to uncheck 5 checkmarks and check 3 more; always the same. Only slightly annoying however as I LOVE your product.

  33. does phone tray work on unknown callers? and incoming calls. i receive unknown caller with 000 and no way to block them in comcast.

  34. a suggestion i would like to be able to add my own ringtones, phone tray free ive tried to add to the ringtones file then when i open it from the phone tray they are not there. and i would like to be able to answer calls with my computer mic or headset and not have to use my actual phone.but using my landline phone through the computer. i do love your product and have been using free for years

    1. Ed, you should be able to add your own ringtones. You don’t have to copy them to PhoneTray folder. Just click browse button (the one with …) next to the Ringtone box and browse for the folder with the .wav file you want to use.

  35. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE phonetray!

    Features I would like to see (and pay for) would be:

    Ability to block entire area codes (including all 800/866/888)
    Add half hours to the quiet time feature.

    Other than that, I’ve been a happy user since Mar, 2011

    1. You can block all calls from 800, 866, 877 and 888 area codes by configuring predefined Toll Free entry in Privacy Manager list to be zapped. Also you can zap specific area codes using ? wildcards. Just add a number like (555) ???-???? to Privacy Manager and configure it to be zapped. After that entire 555 area code will be blocked.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I discovered the area code blocking ability maybe an hour after I posted here the first time.

        We’ve had a bill collector calling for almost a year. They have now resorted to using various non toll-free numbers and when I discovered you could block by using the caller id NAME instead of the number, it was game over for this company.

        They have called from six of our (tri-state) area codes, toll free numbers, out of area, private…and so on. The answering machine is now a lot quieter.

        For the record, we have indicated many times the debt has been settled and have offered paperwork but these guys will not take no for an answer.

  36. Love Phone Tray Free! I’ll commit to buying PT-Pro as soon as it’s available. (PT-Web -not so much). Add me to your mailing list.

    Coupla three features to look at:

    Make it possible to copy numbers and names from the log view fields so I can put them in my regular database without retyping. I know I can export a whole csv, but I usually only want to add maybe 1 out of 20 from time to time.

    Make it possible to add notes in the note field in the Log View.

    Make it possible to expand the window to show more of the note field.

    A button to click that delivers free lobster and beer to my front door.

    Some documentation (maybe I missed it). I heard about the magic tone to tell T-mkt companies your phone is disconnected so their autodialer removes it, and there’s a weird “Zero” wav file, but I don’t know if that’s it, or just an annoying tone to piss them off (which is a wonderful thing anyway!).

    A button to click by any number in the log view that dials the number for callback.

    I understand that you may not be able to provide all these features, but the lobster and beer is pretty dang crucial.

    1. Thanks George, I’m glad you like PhoneTray and find it useful. Some of the features you suggested are already in PhoneTray Free.

      You can add or edit note by double-clicking on the call.

      You can resize PhoneTray window and the resize Note column to see more. Just drag the separator that’s on the right side of the Note column header to make the column bigger.

      Disconnected.wav, NotInService.wav, InvalidNumber.wav and DidNotGoThrough.wav zap messages start with that “magic” tone. Zero.wav contains DTMF tone for digit 0, it also helps with some autodialers.

  37. Oh, and the planned record feature is very necessary and very cool!

    Here’s another idea -add an auto answer and auto record for a specific number. This way you can document harassing phone calls from ex spouses, lawyers and collection agencies (not that I have need for any of these of course). Even fancier:

    -(PT message playback) “Hello?” Maybe an occasional “OK, um hmm” and “Would you repeat that”
    -The rest gets recorded until the bonehead hangs up.

    And don’t forget about my lobster.

  38. Michael Rakita
    November 29th, 2010 – 23:42

    I’m sorry PhoneTray Pro is taking so long. Old rule of software development says: “Get time estimate from programmers and multiply it by 3″. It proves to be true over and over. Too bad we can’t afford to work on PhoneTray Pro 100% of our time. It’s hard to say when it’s going to be ready if you work on one program full-time, but it’s almost impossible to estimate when you have 2-3 other projects at the same time.

    We have alpha version running but it’s missing several key features. I think it will take a month or two to get to the beta version. But you should take my estimate and multiply it by 3 😉

    Sorry again for the delays with PhoneTray Pro. Believe me, we want to finish it as much as you do!
    ( REPLY )

    Hello Michael,
    How about a update as to when?

  39. Phonetray is great…
    I’d like to see a couple of enhancments to it:

    1) recognize distintive ring patterns and log based upon which ring pattern was received so you know who called what line….seperate log or event a joined long that allows you to pull out all the calls to the various ring patterns.

    2) muntiple modem support for watching two lines.

    3) export button

    4) a dash board giving statistics on a phne line by phone line basis..

    I’d be willing to contribute some coding time to help the effort.


    1. Thanks Jon, I’m glad you like PhoneTray and find it useful.

      1) PhoneTray Free is using Windows TAPI to talk to the modem, and distinctive ring is not supported through TAPI. It will be possible to add this feature in PhoneTray Pro though.

      2) Current version of PhoneTray already supports multiple modems.

      3) There is no export button, but PhoneTray stores data in CSV format and you can use Excel to export/edit/print PhoneTray data.

      4) Could you please tell me what kind of statistics you’re looking to get?

  40. Michael maybe you could answer my post this time instead of deleting it.

    Could we please have a update as to when PhoneTray Pro will be available?

    From July 25, 2010

    Hey Michael,
    How about an update on the Phone Tray Pro progress. I think many of us are waiting to purchase this product.
    Thanks from a registered user of Phone Tray Free.

    Still waiting for a reply….
    ( REPLY )

    Michael Rakita
    November 29th, 2010 – 23:42

    I’m sorry PhoneTray Pro is taking so long. Old rule of software development says: “Get time estimate from programmers and multiply it by 3″. It proves to be true over and over. Too bad we can’t afford to work on PhoneTray Pro 100% of our time. It’s hard to say when it’s going to be ready if you work on one program full-time, but it’s almost impossible to estimate when you have 2-3 other projects at the same time.

    We have alpha version running but it’s missing several key features. I think it will take a month or two to get to the beta version. But you should take my estimate and multiply it by 3 😉

    Sorry again for the delays with PhoneTray Pro. Believe me, we want to finish it as much as you do!

  41. Sorry Hal, I really suck at estimates and it’s going much slower than I hoped 🙁 User interface is 75% done and the server part that works with modems is 50% done. I really hope to have PhoneTray Pro released this year but we might need to cut some features out in order to do that.

  42. I purchased the Dialup version several years ago and the only gripe I have had is having to listen to the rings of the blacklisted numbers. Otherwies it is quite useful and flexible in blocking numbers. Having no smarts with telephony logic, I have to assume that modem hardware and/or Hayes commands do no accomodate processing of the incoming signal before allowing it to pass to the telephone handset. Why not have Hiro design a modem that will not complete the circuit (an old timey solution is a solinoid) to the handset until the caller id is processed. This would also allow a less complex solution for recording a message since it could go to the phone recorder.

    1. Many blockers have three lists: white, black, and others, and I am sure you will too. But I want to propose a particular action that I haven’t seen. Retain the ability to block a black category, like 877-xxx-xxxx or “unknown” or “toll free”, in the black list, but allow specific exceptions, such as 877-555-1212, in the white list. You will then process the white list first. It will allow a more compact list of all numbers.

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