PhoneTray Pro 1.4

We just updated PhoneTray Pro to version 1.4. To update your version of PhoneTray Pro click Help -> Check for Updates button on the Ribbon Menu. Please click here for more detailed update instructions.

Here is what’s new in PhoneTray Pro 1.4:

  • Now you can print your call history, contacts, black list and white list. There are many customization options for printing. You can add header and footer, customize columns and much more using the Print dialog. To open the Print dialog, click Print button on the Ribbon Menu:
    The Print Dialog

    To start printing, click Print or Quick Print button on the top toolbar in the Print Dialog.

  • New version allows you to export call history, contacts, black list and white list to PDF, XLS, CSV and other formats using the Print dialog. Open Print dialog by clicking Print button on the Ribbon Menu and then click the arrow next to the Export Document button to select the export format:
  • PhoneTray will show an error if the modem stops responding to modem commands.
  • Fixed: Sometimes PhoneTray couldn’t zap a call if TAPI mode was enabled to share the modem with other programs.
  • Fixed: Contacts in the contact selection list on the call edit form were not sorted.
  • Fixed: PhoneTray was showing user’s own phone number instead of caller’s number on some systems in Europe.

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